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RI WIC & EBT Programs

The RI Food Dealers Association acts as the conduit between its members and these state agencies – providing representation, meeting coordination, program updates, and other specific initiatives regarding new program changes. The Association also lobbies on behalf of its members with the various state administrative offices in order to pro-actively communicate the food industries wants and needs to the appropriate state department leaders.


2016RI transition chart

2015 EBT Card

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RIFDA WIC SNAP Comm Mt Notes0001

RIFDA WIC SNAP Comm Mt Notes0002RIFDA WIC SNAP Comm Mt Notes0003Retailer Issuance Q&A EBT 9.5.14

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RIFDA WIC Meeting Minutes 7-10-14

changes in Food Guide feb 2014

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WIC’s Mission

WIC’s primary mission, as an adjunct to good health care, is to provide education for optimal nutrition during critical stages of growth and development. The program provides an array of support for families including breastfeeding support and promotion; referrals to needed medical and social services in the community; and assessment of client nutritional status. WIC also provides checks for healthy foods based on the clients’ nutritional needs. WIC recipients show higher birth weight, lower infant mortality, improved blood iron levels and diets, improved brain and neurological development, and lower use of intensive care nurseries compared to infants born to lower income mothers that have not benefited from proper nutritional food supplements.


To participate in WIC, you must live in Rhode Island; be a pregnant, breastfeeding, or postpartum women or a guardian of a child five years of age or younger; and meet income guidelines.



 Electronic Benefits Transfer РEBT



July 2014 Farm Bill Retailer Notice

Retailer Notice Farm Bill July 2014

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EBT cards, also known as Electronic Benefits Transfer, find out how to get their current balance either online or by phone number in their state. Each state has a different way of allowing you to check your account balance online. The information is on the Internet, however it is sometimes buried on websites and hard to locate. EBTCardBalance.com pulls all of the information into a single website so you can quickly find out the information you need.

We also saw a need to find out what stores near you accept the EBT cards. With that need we went ahead and built an easy to use EBT store finder that will help you find stores near any location you enter in the search form.

What Is An EBT Card? According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, up until 2003 people would use the orange and blue colored coupons, also known as food stamps, to purchase items at stores. The EBT card now replaces food stamps, these cards act as debit cards and make it harder for people to steal due to the need for a pin number to use these cards.