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Senator Reed Trip to Washington

Senator Reed’s Rhode Island Business Leaders Day in Washington, DC

The RI Food Dealers Association in conjunction with Senator Reed’s office sponsors a daylong event in Washington, DC every year in the fall.

This event is to present a substantive agenda from a roster of nationally-known speakers with knowledge of the federal policies and debates that support and affect Rhode Island Businesses.

The speakers discuss a broad range of subjects including the economy, commerce, the budget, housing, and national security, along with a host of other public policy issues. Top Cabinet officials, Senators, Congressmen and other government and media professionals offer their insights on these and other current affairs.  This day-long event seeks to provide information on the important issues which impact the economies of both our State and Nation.

The RIFDA organizes the logistics; the flight, the bus transportation, the caterer and facilitates the monetary transactions. In addition to the experience of the conference itself this event provides the association with many contacts and opportunities.