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Independent and chain retailers, wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, manufactures, brokers, and all those companies/organizations affiliated with the food industry in RI

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Membership Advantages

While the list of programs and services that the RI Food Dealers Association offers is large, it is still constantly being evaluated and modified as the needs of our members change. The association exists for the benefits of it’s members and as such the organization stays true to it’s mission statement.

Government Relations: RIFDA Lobbyists represent our best interests at state government and in Washington by making sure that our representatives hear “the industry’s” side on issues and provide a unified voice on the issues that confront the food industry.

  • Legislative Updates and Wrap-ups: Current Legislative issues and yearly Legislative wrap-ups.
  • RIFDA Email Alerts : Time sensitive information that could impact your business.
  • Networking and Social Opportunities: Networking at the Annual Meeting, Convention, Scholarship Golf Tournament and Annual Meeting & Holiday Gala provide you the opportunity to build and foster key contacts in the industry, face to face.
  • RIFDA Web Site and “Members Only Section”: RIFDA has had a web site since 1998 and now with valuable information available to members only.
  • Provide members with services that may be impossible, impractical, or economically infeasible to achieve alone.
  • Empower members with business tools and knowledge to help them be more productive, competitive, and profitable.
  • Provides training and education for it’s members through seminars and committee workshops.
  • Communicate contemporary business and industry information that is pertinent to each member on a timely basis; product recall, FDA Bulletins, WIC , and EBT etc.
  • Monthly Electronic Industry and Organization Updates
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Updates posted to our website; links provided for key state legislative agendas, bills, as well as historical documentation
  • Publicity and other public relation opportunities with regional print and electronic media focused on the food industry
  • Resources provided in conjunction with RIFDA’s active membership with the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), the National Grocers Association (NGA), The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), and the Food Industry Association Executives (FIAE)
  • Marketing and Networking opportunities both within the organization, with other members as well as promotional opportunities with other industry organizations and potential customers within programs and publication of the RIFDA