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Energy Programs

Sprague has partnered with the Rhode Island Food Dealers Association to introduce customized natural gas and electricity programs for all members.

Sprague has over 145 years of energy experience in the Northeast and provides customized products and services to over 20,000 accounts located behind 45 utilities in 12 states and Washington D.C.

Unlike purchasing natural gas from local utilities, RIFDA members are able to lock in low rates, providing greater budget certainty and price stability. Additionally, Sprague also offers customers tailored power solutions to help streamline electricity management. Sprague will apply this expertise to RIFDA members and develop natural gas and electricity contracts to meet their unique goals and energy objectives.

Sprague will provide the association members with a no-obligation savings analysis based on their usage patterns and energy requirements. For more information on our program, go to: www.spragueenergy.com/rifda, call 1-855-NATGAS or email rifda@spragueenergy.com.