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Independent and chain retailers, wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, manufactures, brokers, and all those companies/organizations affiliated with the food industry in RI

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Government Affairs

Government Relations: Representation promoting and supporting the food industry’s best interest on an ongoing basis. This includes not only legislation but also related activities associated with the Department of Health, Human Services, and Taxation.

RIFDA’s Political Action Committee (PAC): Supports candidates who demonstrate an understanding of the challenges faced by the food industry.

  • Aggressively represent the econic and political interests of our industry and members at national, state, and local levels.
  • Ensure the rights of the food companies and enhance prosperity of Rhode Island’s food industry.
  • Represents the interest of small businesses via active participation in RI Department of Economic Development and State Small Buisness Administration.
  • Periodic updates and pro-active legilation updates on bills and proposals impacting the food industry.